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Publiée 19/12/2014


France's cultural heritage and history has seduced and fascinated men for centuries. Have you ever thought about traveling in France to experience it with the same privileged access enjoyed by Leonard de Vinci, Van Gogh, Victor Hugo or Paolo Coelho ?
“The French Private Experience » is a brand of the luxury executive travel designer, CHALLENGER.

It’s more than 17 years experience in event and travel organization for groups or individuals in France and abroad. Among these groups, CHALLENGER can list the organization of incoming visits of more than 350 foreign VIP delegations to France, the travel of Paris-based international diplomats, and national & international travel for French senators.
From boutique hotels to majestic palaces, from small-town markets to the historic treasures of France, from top French luxury brands to the best places to eat out, CHALLENGER offers you special access to these treasures which have enhanced this country’s reputation around the world.
« The French Private Experience » offers exclusive holidays with the accent on authenticity.

Florence RICHARD, General Manager, took the direction of CHALLENGER in 2010 after more than twenty years with a large American group. She has since breathed new life into the company and, through an association with Philippe ALIBERT, has diversified CHALLENGER’s tourism and event creation activities.
In 2013, WTC SAO PAULO organized for CHALLENGER a presentation of its services in Brazil, thanks to a specific assistance given. Meetings and high standard cocktails were organized to start business connections and initiate CHALLENGER’s communication. One year later, CHALLENGER has proposed its first exclusive programme to Brazilian clients.

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